The 36-24-36 Project

Empowering people to love their bodies just the way they are.


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We are currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and are raising money to print our first book, and expand to other cities where people are reaching out to participate in this loving experience.

Realizing how many people around the world want a safe space to explore their own body image, we need your help growing now.

We are just three girls in a bedroom in Bushwick, Brooklyn doing what we can to change a negative narrative affecting so many people’s lives. We need your help to make these opportunities we have been given a reality.

Every dollar helps whether its $1 or $100.

Help us help each other.

I Am #MoreThanMeasurements

Supporting body positivity for mental and emotional health.



Beauty outside the three-numbered guide. An exploration and invitation to retrain how you see your terrain. 


Dedicated to change.

The 36-24-36 Project is about being able to look at our bodies and not be embarrassed or ashamed. It's about being able to look down in the shower, in the mirror, alone at home, in the arms of a lover, and be absolutely unashamedly in love with who you are. 

Named from numbers coined the "perfect measurements," this project shows beauty is far more expansive and any singular idealized standard. This is a project about beauty outside the three-numbered guide, challenging idealized standards of beauty that are toxic and degrading to loving our natural beautiful selves in our natural and beautiful skin. ALL body types, all people, are invited to join our journey towards loving our own unique and beautiful bodies.

This is a project is an exploration and invitation to retrain how you see your body’s terrain.

If you are interested in sharing your story, saying hello, or getting involved in any way please email us at, We’d love to hear from all of you. It's an open invitation for all!