The mission of the project is simple: to encourage self-love just as you are. That includes the stigmatized parts of our bodies that we’re often taught to hide and hate (i. e. stomachs, fat rolls, stretch-marks, boney-bits, scars) Naked or in underwear, those who join the journey allow these parts of themselves to be photographed. They're then invited to look at them as works of art. We are intentionally creating imagery that promotes the innate and intimate beauty of each individual body. This is an invitation to open your heart to the hidden places, the hated places, the parts of your body you were told to change. The 36-24-36 Project is an ongoing, interactive photo series and community of ALL body types interested in exploring a new narrative for the way they see themselves.


The Photoshoot

Invited into Lauren’s (our Co-Founder/Director/Photographer) bedroom, we photograph each person as naturally as possible, in a space that’s safe and comfortable. Participants are captured as they are, without hiding behind baggy clothes or the pressure to pose. Everyone sits on a table or stool next to a window that floods in that beautiful, soft light. We work with completely natural lighting. The most manipulation of light you are seeing is either Lauren or Rachel (Co-Founder/Director and Director of Production...aka resident reflector/hype girls) holding a reflector to bounce the natural light back onto each person. We actively stray from a studio environment, honoring the intimacy of these personal experiences. We create a space for you to explore and share your story however you desire.

Though many people we meet for the first time on the day of their photoshoot, this setting often makes it feel like an intimate gathering of friends. The location, filled with natural light, also makes it easy to immediately open up to each other. We take our time sharing our own experiences with our bodies before and during shoots, giving space to deeply listen and connect. We are dedicated first and foremost to the experience of each individual. Each participant controls which photos are shared publicly, and which are kept private, and we always respect that.

Approved images are shared in the #MoreThanMeasurements visual campaign, which is made it's first exhibition debut in shows in DC Fall 2018, and is making it's NYC gallery debut in December 2018. The images and stories are also shared for the community on the website and social media.

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The Questions

In addition to the photoshoot, each person is also asked a series of four questions. These questions are a guide. An invitation for meditation, and an opening of your heart. It’s not about trying to change your thoughts, but meeting yourself where you are. Ask the questions, go inside, but feel free to express what comes up in any way you like. It isn’t necessary to follow the question structure. Many have responded in narrative form or in poems they’ve written. This is crafted to encourage you to explore and express your story in your own way.

What places on your body do you hope to see differently?


What stories do you tell yourself when you see these parts of your body?

 Who would you be if you really loved your body?

What hopes do you have that would arise when others see these images?

When you see these images?


Dedicated to YOUR experience

No images will be shared publicly without your permission.

You decide how you want to express your story. Sharing your images publicly is optional.

This project is a safe space, and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.


To join the journey, schedule a photoshoot with us, or to answer the questions and share your story, please reach out to us. For those we cannot photograph due to location, we would still love to have you involved by sharing your story with us for your own story page on the website.