Hey, I’m Rachel.


I hope to see my thighs and hips differently. I have many stretch marks from years of weight fluctuation of binge and severe restrictive eating. These also happen to be what i’ve always seen as “problem areas.” Instead i need to see them as my power. In pole dancing, my thighs grip me and keep me safe. They are where my strength comes.


Often I look in the mirror and see a person I don’t want to be. I wish I could fit different clothes or be prettier. Some low days it keeps me from joining social outings because I find it too embarrassing to be seen. Other times, I push past the fear and loathing. I am working on changing this terrible mindset.


If I really loved my body, I would be able to be a full “Yes” woman.

Dance more, eat more, love more, live more.


I hope all people see these images and this campaign and learn to love themselves for their true honest beauty and not what society has pushed upon us.

Each person is dealing with that internal struggle.

We need to lift each other up.

I hope this project gives people the ability to see the beauty within themselves.