Beauty outside the three-numbered guide.


How often, 
when dissecting and deciding
the beauty of this body, 
I consult with three numbers
That determine the way
I treat this terrain
They become my brain
Keeping me
From all the beauty
Patiently waiting
For me be see
How easily I chastise
What’s meant to
m e s m e r i z e

The 36-24-36 Project grew out of an accidental, revealing photoshoot between two childhood best friends, Ashley, a fine art photographer, and Lauren, a body positive model and actress, that proved so healing and empowering they decided to open the experience up to others.

Originally intended as a personal exploration in a time of exhausting self-doubt, Lauren asked Ashley to take photos of her body wrapped in measuring tape. Ashley snapped that concept, but it's what she captured after the tape released that surprised them. Unprompted and unposed, she zoomed into the places on Lauren’s body that had been harboring self-hate, intimately capturing them uncovered. For the first time, Lauren saw her stomach as truly beautiful. This place that held so much shame and bias, she saw as an unbiased work of art. She then turned the camera on Ashley, allowing her the same experience. Those images, and the catharsis in seeing their bodies this way, led Lauren and Ashley to create this platform. Since then the project has grown as Lauren, and a team comprised of former participants, invite others to have their own opportunity to see themselves in a new way.

The 36-24-36 is an invitation to retrain how you see your body’s terrain.

Empowering people to love their bodies just as they are. In this very moment.

If you are interested in participating in this project and being #MoreThanMeasurements with us, email us at 36.24.36project@gmail.com.

<3 Lauren