Hi! I'm Lauren. For 18 years, I’ve been hating my body into change. My first diet started in the third grade. From then, a negative dialogue was created between my body and my mind. “When I’m skinny, I’ll be happy” became my lifeline. It’s crafted the way I’ve walked through the world since I was 8. Now, at 26, I still find myself convinced that I am keeping myself from my full potential unless I obtain “perfect body.” Whether it’s the three-numbered guide, job opportunities, the opinions of loved ones, or the mass misrepresentation of all body types in fashion and media, many factors have influenced the way I feel about my body, just as it is.

Becoming a plus size model definitely propelled me into facing these issues head on, but “When I’m skinny, I’ll be happy” remains lightly engrained in every curve and fold of my ever evolving body. For me, a slim body was standard, but body standards influence women of all shapes and sizes. So whatever your blank may be in “When I’m _______, I’ll be happy,” this is for you, too. This is for all of us. 

This journey began with my dear friend Ashley, who also photographed many of the images you will see. This journey continues with me behind the camera.

I’m interested in exploring, and changing the narrative. Who’s with me?


Hey, I’m Rachel. I am 27 years old, with a long history of self-loathing centered around my body. How I felt in my skin, how I compared to other women and how men reacted to me. I have worked hard to break my cycle of restrictive dieting, over exercising, binge-ing and purging to yo-yo dieting. I wasn't able to live my life.

At 24 I found S factor, pole dancing studio. Every body shape, size, color and age flew and flipped around the pole with ease. I began to see my body’s strength and beauty without a mirror and learn to feel my body for the powerful warrior she is. Every human should experience living in his/her body freely, live through her bodies changes without fear, live her story no matter what skin she’s in. Know she is worthy of love. 

I am honored to be part of the body positivist movement as Director of Production for The 36-24-36 Project! As Lauren photographs every beautiful body, I’m there to ask questions, keep things organized, and facilitate your own body love journey.

Let us love our own bodies. Let us praise and cherish each and every body for the beautiful and magnificent creatures we are.

Hello! I am Gabby. My passion for growth brought me to one of the most interesting and beautiful journeys of my life.

For as long as I can remember, I have been extremely critical about my own body. My inner dialogues have been very painful and destructive towards my confidence.

One day, I decided to start gathering the bits and pieces of confidence left, so I could start the healing process. I realized how much the belief that my body was not “good enough”, affected the perceptions I had on my career, relationships and accomplishments. Little by little, I was able to break old thought patterns and learn to love my self wholeheartedly.

As the Financial Manager, I aim to give my all so we can continue growing and expanding The 36-24-36 Project as we empower people to love their body with the light of love. Let's do this!


Hey, I'm Ashley. I am the CoFounder and one of the initial photographers for The 36-24-36 Project. I have known Lauren since pre-school, and to this day, our parents are still friends, just like us. 

I have been involved in the creative industry since I was 11. Whether it be ballet, fashion modeling, photography, performance art, video, art assistant, front desk girl, art fairs, galleries, journalist , curator, the list goes on. Through it all I have been called anorexic, bony, too pale, too tall, too short, or overall "just not good enough." I have bee told my appearance holds me back, to hide myself, to want to fix things, that that is normal. I have felt the pain of self hatred toward my own body because of projections that were forced upon me by other people and thus have spent years never being as secure with myself as I know I could, and should be. 

We've stayed silent for too long about these things that we should never have  to stay silent about. It's time to release the pain and learn to love again. We deserve it.