Who would you be if you loved your body?


Free to love the unique shape and body that is me.

Open to redefining what is beautiful.

A badass bitch who doesn’t let the patriarchy tell her she’s not enough!

A beautiful mixed woman with a petite from, sexy curves, and small perky titties!!!!!

What hopes do you have that would arise when others see these? When you see these images?

That women see the beauty in uniqueness.

I am a creature unlike any other and that is magical.

I also hope that women hype me and empower me to be authentically me. There is already so much shaming we get from men, we women need to ENCOURAGE one another!

The universe is abundant there’s enough love for all of us and our beautiful bodies!


What places on your body do you hope to see differently?

My SKIN!!!

My skin is the number one trickiest body part for me to love unconditionally. I get angry over the bumps and blemishes and discoloration. I sometimes even feel ashamed when I tell people I’m half black and they say “but your so pale” in moments like that I wish my skin was darker. I wish I could represent my blackness more, but I have no control over the pigmentation of my skin.


I’ve come a long way with loving my breasts, but sometimes I still wish they were bigger.


 What stories do you tell yourself when you see these parts?

Skin—That I’m not dark or tan enough. That id be prettier if I didn’t have acne. That I’d be more successful as an actress and performer if my skin was smoother and tanner. That my skin is IN MY WAY! That my skin keeps me from being my best self.

That me skin doesn’t represent all that’s inside me.

That my skin hides half of me.

That my skin is passing.

That when people see my skin they only see privilege coming from my father, but not the pain and oppression within my mother.

Breasts—that I’m not womanly enough. That I’d get sooooo many more guys if I had big tits! That I’d be more proportional if my breasts were just a tad bigger.