What places on your body do you hope to see differently?

My stomach, my hands, and my boobs.

How do you feel about them currently?

I feel like my hands have always looked like the hands of an older person ever since I was little. Both of my pinkies are broken because I was a clumsy kid. I also have always had a belly that I didn’t like. Even when I was at my lightest weight as an adult, I still had a little belly that I hated. My boobs have always been a point of insecurity because I feel like I have banana boobs, like where they go out to the sides instead of pointing straight. When I go to modeling jobs I always have on a push up bra to help make them bigger. I definitely have a love hate relationship with these body parts. I don’t really have much control over the way that things are shaped so I’m really trying to work on the way I see myself day to day while also doing what I can to look my best by exercising (but pretty much never dieting! haha)


How do you react, what happens when you see these parts of your body negatively?

I feel less confident. I start to focus on everything wrong with me instead of everything that is good about me. I don’t like to fixate on the physical so much but sometimes my job dictates that I have to since I’m a model.

Who would you be if you really loved your body?

I would probably be a better model and a better human if I loved my body 100%. I could be a more free and happy person if I loved my body more.

What hopes do you have that would arise when other people see these images? When you see these images?

I hope when I see the images I am not so hard on myself.