Where are the photoshoots?

We photograph each person in Lauren’s bedroom in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! Each person is either sitting on a table or stool next to a window that floods in beautiful, soft, natural light. It’s important to us that we photograph each person as naturally as possible, crafting a space that is safe and comfortable. We are dedicated first and foremost to the experience of each individual. They control which photos are shared publicly, and which are kept private, and we always respect that.

Who is the official photographer for The 36-24-36 Project?

Founder/Director, Lauren Karaman, is the only official photographer for this project.

How can I be a part of the project?

The invitation is open to anyone and the participants are people who reach out to join the ride! There are two components to the #MoreThanMeasurements movement: the visual campaign/photoshoot experience and sharing your story through text. We ask each participant a series of questions that serve as a platform to explore and express your relationship with your body and body standards however you like. We are currently based in NYC and can only facilitate the photoshoot experience here (for now!), but anyone who wants to answer the questions and share their story can have their own story page on the website!

Can anyone be a part of it?

This project is for anyone! You got a body, then this is for you! We are here for anyone who wants to explore seeing their body in a new way. That means ANY body. You as you. There isn’t only one type of beauty. We're here for all.

Is this project only for women?

Nope! It’s an open invitation. We are named from numbers considered the “perfect measurements” of a female body, but all bodies are subject to different, toxic societal standard.

What if I don’t live in or near NYC?

This is an intimate team and experience, and all photos in the #MoreThanMeasurements movement are a product of the experience with our photographer Lauren. We would love to include you in The 36-24-36 Project even though you aren't based in New York! You will see on our website that we have a "Story" page for each person. For those we can't photograph (yet!) we will send the questions we ask everyone who participates. Your answers will then be made into your own story page on the website. This is an open platform you to explore and express your story however you like. You can respond to the questions however you feel fit whether it be a sentence, a poem, a song, a single word, whatever best tells YOUR story. Email us to join!

How can I help?

We’re doing all we can to catch up to the incredible number of inquiries and facilitate this experience across the country and world. For now, follow our gofundme as we raise the fund for our upcoming gallery show in Manhattan and to print our first book: The 36-24-36 Project New York. We always love when you reach out and say hello :)