What places on your body do you hope to see differently?

My stomach, back and arms.


How do you feel about them currently?

I’m extremely insecure about my upper body because usually it’s my stomach that fluctuates the most.


How do you react, what happens, when you see these parts of your body negatively?

I have cried self harmed, and have had an eating disorder in the past, but now I try to eat right, exercise and realize that my body isn’t going to change by me hating and harming it. I do get upset from time to time, as well as not always eating the best. I’m human, but loving yourself is a full time job you hope to go pro at.

Who would you be if you really loved your body?

I feel like I would be a less self-conscious person. I feel like I would all-around feel more secure in what I do.


What hopes do you have that would arise when other people see these images?  When you see these images?

I hope others would see they can look like me and be beautiful but at the same time be flawed. I hope I accept instead of criticize how I look.